Saints Bay Kiosk - Alison De La Mare

Ali De La Mare and her husband, Del, took over the kiosk last year after having run the Captains Hotel in St Martin's for 27 years.  

The summer of 2022 will be remembered as one with warm temperatures and very little rain so they got off to a great start.  

"We had absolutely no idea how popular the kiosk would become, and it caught us slightly by surprise initially," said Ali. 

Saints Bay is beautiful.  It's one of Guernsey's hidden gems located on the south coast set in a sheltered natural harbour used by just a handful of local fishermen and is a popular place for sea swimming.

saints kiosk alison de la mare  

"We decided from the outset that we would serve as much local produce as we could.  Guernsey Dairy Ice Cream was top of the list, along with Guernsey Cream and of course Guernsey Butter.  There's nothing quite like the creaminess of the ice cream and the cream that we use for our cakes, also the rich deep yellow of the butter.  All of this is an absolute hit with locals and tourists." 

"If you've made the effort to get to the kiosk (and it is quite a steep hill down) we wanted to make sure it was worth the walk," said Ali. "These dairy products tick all the boxes."  

Ali and Del have a liquor license, which really enhances their menu.   

"It's lovely to be able to offer wine or a draught lager with our selection of lobster, prawn and crab cocktails, salads or sandwiches," said Ali. 

"Supporting local businesses has always been very important to us." 

The kiosk sits just up from the bay, accessed either by walking down a steep lane from St Martin's, along the cliff paths or if you have a boat you can moor in the bay and row or swim ashore.  

"After moving on from the Captains Hotel we had planned to retire.  Being offered the chance to run this kiosk, however, was an exciting new chapter in our lives and we grabbed the opportunity. 

"I've lived in Guernsey for 43 years and after spending many summers visiting Port Soif beach kiosk it had always been a dream to run one myself.  Our dream has now come true." 

Saints Bay Kiosk is open every day from Easter until the end of September from 10 am until 4 pm.  

N.B. There is very limited parking on the way down to Saints Bay but there is one disabled car parking space 50 yards away from The Kiosk. 


Reaching Saints Bay Beach Kiosk can be a bit of a hike - but there's delicious local produce and beautiful views when you get there.

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