Fishy Tales - Graham Garland

Set beside the model yacht pond in Town, this small, unimposing kiosk is still very popular with its regulars who pop by each day for a natter. 

When asked why it's called "Fishy Tales", Graham said he came up with this name when he first took on the kiosk, back in the 70s. Then it was packed with fishermen telling yarns, smoking, and drinking hot cups of tea. 

"These were the best times ever," he said. "Fishy Tales seemed the obvious name for it." 

"Having a kiosk is a big commitment, especially in the summer months. I've worked up to 90 hours a week for years." 

"In the 70s, I would sell 250 filled rolls a day.  Things are different now.  Our most popular requests now are for Guernsey Dairy Ice Cream as well as a slice of buttered Guernsey gauche, a scone and of course a tea or coffee." 

Alongside running a kiosk, Graham was a talented sportsman playing soccer and basketball, although cricket was his main passion. He played wicket-keeper for the island and Rovers Cricket Club before moving to St Saviour's Cricket Club.   

Many will know Graham's boys, Dale and Lee Garland, who are both top local athletes having represented the island, Dale on the international stage. 

"They were brought up to run," he said.   

Although massively encouraged by their parents, the boys both had a great natural ability. Graham also got into running long distances in his 40s and 50s and would take to the lanes or cliff paths to relax - but not these days!  

Fishy Tales' opening hours: 9.30 a.m. until dusk seven days a week throughout the year. 


Graham Garland has been the proud owner of Fishy Tales kiosk for over 53 years.

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