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April Daisy hasn't fooled islanders but Guernsey Dairy has good news for lactose sufferers

01 April 2021

'April Daisy' is a fictitious "super cow" which the Dairy claimed had become the first in the world to successfully produce low fat milk suitable for people with special dietary needs.

Joking apart, the Dairy has been working hard to fill a gap in the market for those who would love to be able to drink fresh local Guernsey Milk but are unable to do so due to an intolerance to lactose, which is a natural ingredient.

Andrew Tabel, Managing Director of Guernsey Dairy said:  "We hope 'April Daisy' bought a few smiles to islander's faces today.  We are very excited about the launch of our new lactose free low fat milk which will offer a local alternative to imported products.  Islanders will soon be able to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of our delicious fresh Guernsey Milk but without the lactose."

Lactose free milk is produced by adding a naturally occurring enzyme to finished milk enabling it to break down the lactose.  Guernsey Dairy has already successfully carried out test batches that have been independently tested and verified and is now awaiting the arrival of the new design of cartons. 

The product is expected to launch in about a month's time and will be available at leading retail outlets and through doorstep deliveries.

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