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Guernsey Dairy promotes milk as a natural isotonic at Specsavers Youth Games grand finale

25 May 2021

Highlighting the qualities of Guernsey milk as a natural post-exercise isotonic drink was the primary aim of Guernsey Dairy at Saturday's Specsavers Youth Games grand finale.

The event, held at the Hockey Club at Footes Lane, was attended by some 700 Year Five and Year Six primary school children, who were offered a refreshing glass of Guernsey Dairy 'blue' milk or the Dairy's new lactose free low-fat milk.

Andrew Tabel, Managing Director of Guernsey Dairy said; "It was a very busy afternoon.  Our stand was visited by so many children, all very keen to drink a glass of cold, fresh Guernsey milk after their sporting achievements. There was a large uptake to try our new lactose free low-fat milk and draw comparisons to our standard milk. They loved it; all-in-all it was a great day."

A glass of milk is a good source of calcium, which is great for building strong bones and teeth.  It's also a good daily source of protein, which supports muscle building and keeping vital organs healthy.

Guernsey milk has a naturally high mix of vitamins, carbohydrate, water and micronutrients which accelerates post-exercise muscle recovery.  It is a healthy alternative to sugary isotonic drinks and cheaper too.

The Dairy's marketing initiatives have been designed to highlight why the local dairy farming industry remains an important part of Guernsey's heritage and continues to influence island life.

"We are actively promoting the many benefits of consuming Guernsey milk that some islanders may be unacquainted with," said Mr Tabel.

"There are the obvious health benefits to drinking Guernsey milk, which is naturally full of essential vitamins and nutrients; however, the local dairy industry plays an essential role in managing the conservation of our unique rural environment designed to maintain Guernsey's traditional countryside whilst supporting its biodiversity." 

Community Nutritionist, Alex Kosmas from Health Improvement Commission said; "Sports drinks are marketed, promoted and branded to appeal to children and the wider public. They have developed a prime position in sports, with role models consuming and advertising them on different platforms, which contributes to children and adults purchasing the drinks, as they believe they are 'healthy'.

"These drinks are designed as a supplement, alongside a healthy diet, to support professional athletes' recovery from heavy intense training or competition. However, consumption of these drinks for other reasons does not tend to benefit health and can actually cause the contrary.

"Water is the best way to rehydrate. Milk can be a cheaper, healthier alternative to sports drinks for a post workout drink. It contains carbohydrates that the body needs to refuel and protein for muscle recovery.  Drinking a 150 ml glass of milk (one child-sized portion) is also an easy way to have one of three dairy sources that are recommended a day to support children's growth."

According to the International Dairy Federation, not only do dairy foods play an integral role in supporting overall health, but the wider evidence shows that a healthy diet and good nutrition play a significant role in building a strong and healthy immune system.

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