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New video celebrates Guernsey's dairy industry

11 March 2021

The video will kick start the Dairy's marketing campaign which focuses on raising awareness of the nutritional qualities of milk as well as highlighting the value the dairy industry brings to the island.

Entitled 'Grass to Glass', the video follows the milk's path from a local farm to the Dairy where it undergoes pasteurisation before being packed and distributed to shops, hotels and restaurants.

Guernsey Dairy's managing director, Andrew Tabel said: "We are very proud of the products we produce and the important role the Dairy plays in supporting the island's dairy industry and the contribution it makes to the maintenance of the countryside and biodiversity of our island.

"The 'Grass to Glass' journey takes less than 24 hours which must be one of the smallest route to market carbon footprints of any commercially produced fresh product found on supermarket shelves today."

The Dairy's marketing initiatives have been designed to showcase why local milk production remains an important part of our heritage and continues to influence island life as much today as it did for our parents and grandparents.

"There are so many benefits we are keen to highlight, that many islanders will be unaware of," said Mr Tabel. 

"There are not only the health benefits of Guernsey milk which is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients but also the significant impact dairy farming has on the health of our island's natural infrastructure and biodiversity.

"Our marketing initiatives will go on to demonstrate how the dairy industry remains a viable and essential part of our community and how farmers, as custodians of our countryside and guardians of our world-famous Guernsey cow, take care of our natural environment whilst meeting high animal welfare standards being at the forefront of what we all do," he said.

The Guernsey Farmers Association representative Michael Bray is extremely supportive of the Dairy's marketing plans.

"I'm one of a number of new generation farmers who are keen to see our industry evolve.  Greater education, celebration and promotion of what we do is central to this.

"Guernsey farmers are playing their part in prescribing to best practices such as the Guernsey Countryside Management Scheme, which promotes biodiversity and best environmental practices. The majority of us are already RSPCA Accredited and these initiatives help support the values we want to impart about Guernsey being a very high quality and sustainable farming environment."

The "Grass to Glass" video can be viewed on Guernsey Dairy's website and across its social media channels.

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