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Guernsey Dairy's ice cream liberates your taste buds

26 May 2023

new ice cream tubs

Guernsey Dairy has planned a bumper summer to relaunch its newly branded 'family favourite' range of traditional ice cream.

Its four best-selling flavours are available for the first time in smaller one litre and 125ml tubs. The new packaging for each recipe features a recognisable Guernsey scene together with the strapline 'Liberate your taste buds'.

The Vanilla tubs show a Guernsey cow grazing on L'Ancresse Common against the backdrop of one of the island's many iconic 'Martello' towers perched on the hill.

The Chocolate tubs take you out to the far south-west of the island to show a Guernsey cow in the fields around Torteval Church.

You then head into St Peter Port with the Strawberry tubs against the backdrop of Victoria Tower before going north to Bordeaux for Mint Choc Chip to see the sailing boats gently floating down the Little Russel with Herm and Jethou in the background.

All Guernsey Dairy's ice cream and other products carry the RSPCA's ethical food certification - RSPCA Assured.  This demonstrates all local dairy farms achieve high standards of animal welfare, and their cows are well cared for throughout their lives and enjoy a high quality of life.

Dave Domaille, production manager of Guernsey Dairy said: "When we began considering our ice creams' rebrand it was important to incorporate the island's beautiful countryside which is carefully maintained by Guernsey's dairy farmers.  Introducing the strapline, 'Liberate your taste buds' also brings in to play our history of wartime occupation as well as the ice cream's rich and creamy texture the island has become accustomed to for generations."

To help with the Dairy's ice cream promotion it has bought a mobile catering pod which carries the same branding as its new ice cream pots. It will be at many of the island's outdoor summer events including several venues during the Natwest International Island Games.

"We anticipate a bumper summer this year, kick starting with up to 3,000 visiting athletes and their supporters in the island for the Games in July, a steady flow of cruise liner visits, and of course our loyal local customers who will be enjoying the summer sun at home.

"Our production and marketing teams have been working hard, but we are now geared up and ready to go."

As part of its summer campaign the Dairy will be profiling some of the island's iconic beach kiosks found dotted around its coastline.

"Some owners have been running these businesses for decades and would not have had it any other way," said Mr Domaille.

"This will hopefully encourage people to pop down to some of the many kiosks for a cuppa, slice of Guernsey G√Ęche and a delicious Guernsey Dairy ice cream," said Mr Domaille.  "Roll on the summer."

Over the coming weeks the new family favourites in 1 litre tubs, will be available in local grocery stores throughout Guernsey.  The individual 125ml tubs will be available at cafes, kiosks and tourist sites together with sales of Guernsey Dairy ice cream in cones.

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