L'Ancresse Bay Kiosk - Deidre Dudley-Owen

L'Ancresse Kiosk is now in its second full year of trading with Deirdre as the concession owner. 

"It was very run down when I won the concession and virtually all of the equipment, tables and furniture has since been donated by very kind benefactors and bought from charity shops and repurposed," said Deirdre.  

The inside of the kiosk reflects her travels and tastes and so does the menu!   

lancresse kiosk

"We serve as much homemade and locally produced food as possible, for instance Guernsey ice cream, Guernsey beef burgers (made to order for us), Malay curries, amazing almond and blueberry cakes, banana cakes, and of course the most sumptuous crab sandwiches made with the best bread, the most succulent local crab and plenty of it," she said.  

"All of our food gets a lot of compliments." 

"Guernsey ice cream is the most asked for ice cream as people know and love its creamy and long- lasting taste. People know it is made with locally produced Guernsey milk, and this makes it rich and full of flavour that you can trust."   

Aside from the kiosk, Deirdre also runs a small tour company called Experience Guernsey Tours which brings visitors to the island.  Both businesses complement each other and keep her very busy!  

"I could not think of a better job than being my own boss, with a great view out of the office window and a world of possibilities when it comes to making The kiosk a place for our community to enjoy and for offering delicious food." 

L'Ancresse Kiosk is open every day in high season from 11.30 to 17.00.  

The sign is that, if the flag is flying, the kiosk is open. 


The flag is flying at L'Ancresse Kiosk and Deirdre Dudley-Owen's hopes are high for a busy summer.

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