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Guernsey Dairy launches latest consumer survey

23 February 2024

The feedback will help identify current buying habits and consumer preferences, which can be compared to previous studies.

Andrew Tabel, managing director of Guernsey Dairy emphasised the significance of understanding consumer buying habits and market trends.

"In recent years we have seen the emergence of plant-based alternatives, which have grown in popularity. At the same time, Guernsey Dairy milk has remained islanders' number one choice, with the most recent survey showing that nine out of 10 local households were regular consumers," he said.

"Sales data can give a good overall picture, but we also need to understand underlying trends that may influence people's buying behaviour, and how these are changing. The survey will provide a greater level of understanding, to help us to respond to emerging consumer trends."

As well as asking about buying habits, the survey will also seek islanders' views about the local dairy farming industry.

"The Guernsey Dairy and the local dairy farming industry form an intrinsic part of island life. Neither would exist without the other. Previous surveys have shown that islanders appreciate and value this. Guernsey is the home of the world-famous Guernsey breed that continues to have a deep-rooted connection to our island's cultural and environmental heritage and, in doing so, supporting the natural landscape," said Mr Tabel.

The survey can be found at and will be open to complete until Sunday 17 March.

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