Les Hubits Farm

Les Hubits Farm

Les Hubits Farm is over 600 verges and supports 150 milking cows.  Its day-to-day management is run by, Guernsey's youngest farmers Robin and Rachel Le Cocq, whose father Jeremy has been farming on the island for over 50 years. 

Their dairy management skills complement each other perfectly.  Robin, a Guernsey Rugby regular is not only a land management enthusiast but analytical about how the farm should operate and Rachel's prowess comes with skilfully managing the herd.

As the new generation of farmers in Guernsey they seek to set the highest standards possible.  They are constantly looking to be even more precise in the way they farm, by improving feed efficiency, waste management and soil structures. There are also opportunities to increase carbon storage and renewable energy on farms. 

Robin passionately believes Guernsey is already playing a big part in what is termed 'carbon sequestration'.  This is the ability of plants and soils to absorb significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.  This potentially puts farming at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

They understand the soil on Les Hubits Farm is its most important asset and is continually gaining in organic matter.  As well as aiding 'carbon sequestration', the increase in organic matter leads to improved soil fertility and structure, and healthier crops.

Rachel is also a champion for local farming and a proactive member of the Guernsey Farmers Association (GFA). She believes the industry is an essential part of island life.

"Guernsey farmers are custodians of the countryside," she said.  "We are all part of the Guernsey Countryside Management Scheme, which was created to improve wildlife, animal welfare and environmental protection aspects of the farming industry.

"All our farmers also share a commitment to our special cattle breed, the 'Guernseys', and to the community, and producing fantastic milk whilst at the same time bringing something different to the industry."


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