Wash and Squash

Guernsey Dairy Cartons

The Pure-Pak® carton is well known and is widely recognised by businesses and the consumer as being the most convenient and cost effective way in which to package milk and liquids.


The Guernsey Dairy (part of the States of Guernsey Commerce and Employment Department) linked up with the Public Services Department and HSBC Securities Services (Guernsey) in 2009 to bring a milk carton recycling initiative to the island by way of Bring Banks strategically located across the island.  This is a good example of how a pro-active, forward-thinking private business, working in conjunction with the public sector, can benefit the island as a whole. The Guernsey Dairy continues to support the “Wash and Squash” initiative, sponsored by HSBC - as recycling cartons is considered part of the industry’s corporate and social responsibility and also as the first private business to realise the full potential that milk carton advertising has to offer.

Milk cartons are recyclable at 8 recycling sites across the island.  Please wash and squash your cartons before recycling.

Alternatively, why not re-use your milk cartons? 

Here are a few ideas for washed cartons.

Use as plant pots. Trim off the top and carefully pierce drainage holes in the bottom.

Use as containers when decorating and for DIY projects around the house or garden.

Use to hold paint or water when the kid’s are painting.

Use to hold pencils and crayons. Kids can decorate them with paper, stickers and glitter.

Use them as bird houses. Cut a small hole and hang securely

Use as a bird feeder. Cut out part of a side and fill with bird feed.

Paint half litre cartons with white emulsion. When dry the kids can paint on them with water based paints to make a village of milk-carton houses.

Use as bowling pins. Paint in different colours and partially fill to required weight.