24 tonnes of Guernsey Dairy cheeses are sold per annum as either mild, mature, extra-mature or smoked.

At the 2008 World Cheese Awards the Guernsey Dairy’s Smoked Cheese won a Gold Medal, with its Mild and Extra Mature cheeses each winning Bronze.


In 2009, the success from the previous year was repeated with the Guernsey Dairy being awarded a Bronze medal for its mild cheese at the British Cheese Awards and a Silver medal for its extra-mature at the World Cheese Awards.

These accolades have helped to establish the Guernsey Dairy as a consistent producer of a range of high quality cheeses on the British and world cheese stage. It also recognises the quality of the raw materials being used along with the skill and expertise shown by the Dairy’s cheese-makers.

The Guernsey Dairy has recently introduced a soft cheese to complement its existing range of traditional cheeses.   This new cheese, or “Frie d’Or” as it is affectionately known in the island, is named in the islands indigenous Norman language of Dgernésiais, and when translated means “Meadow of Gold” or “Golden Meadow”.

Also look out for our specialty flavoured cheeses that are produced annually for the Christmas market. These come in a variety of flavours which include garlic, thyme and chilli.

Guernsey Dairy cheeses are produced in retail, catering or delicatessen counter packs and come in a variety of sizes, weights and flavours.

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