Our Business Plan

Our current 2017-2023 business plan aims to provide a modern, efficient and fit for purpose dairy industry which is still 'the original and best'.

The local farming industry, our Guernsey breed and the Guernsey Dairy are closely linked. That's why this plan has been developed alongside the Guernsey Farming Association and the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure and complements the Guernsey Dairy Industry Strategy and the Guernsey Biodiversity Strategy

The main themes of the business plan are:

·     Increasing the brand loyalty of Guernsey Dairy products

·     Ensuring the Guernsey Dairy has sufficient facilities to continue producing its core products

·     Developing the Guernsey Dairy in support of the farming industry whilst protecting our Guernsey breed

Our outcomes

This Business Plan establishes an outcome-based approach to service delivery for the Dairy. An outcome is something that our community, made up of customers and Islanders as a whole, should experience as a result of our actions and the actions of others - importantly the dairy farming industry - as well as other key stakeholders. For this reason, our outcomes cannot be achieved without collaboration and cannot be delivered in isolation from each other.

Over the duration of this 5 year Business Plan, the best way to achieve our outcomes may need to be adapted according to changing circumstances, whilst the outcomes we seek to achieve by their nature are longer-term.

1. A sufficient supply of milk to the island and robust continuity of supply

Produces sufficient supplies of milk for Islanders and ensure production is flexible to meet demand, using modern and efficient facilities.

2. High quality and safe products

Maintain a strong reputation of high quality, safe products that meet best practice hygiene and quality standards and promote the special nature of Guernsey Cow produce.

3. To be valued by our customers with brand loyalty

Ensure the Guernsey Cow and the Dairy are valued by our customers and there is a high level of customer loyalty felt toward the Dairy products.

4. Firm financial foundations

Achieve a positive financial contribution, whilst maintaining the sustainability of the dairy farming industry and ensuring sufficient investment is made into the Dairy infrastructure.

5. An industry composed of financially viable dairy farm businesses operating with the Guernsey Breed.

The States of Guernsey support the continuation of the Guernsey Cow as the sole dairy cattle breed on the Island, with a farming sector that is self-sustaining and sole source of the Island's milk supply.

6. Sustain the environment, biodiversity and heritage of the Guernsey breed.

Continue collaboration with the farming community to protect the Guernsey Cow breed and maintain the biodiversity of the farmed countryside.

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