Guernsey Cheese

The Dairy produce 24,000kg of award winning cheeses each year.

It's thanks to the quality raw milk we use that makes our cheeses rich in taste and colour.

We've been recognised both in Britain and Worldwide for producing consistently good quality cheeses. All our cheeses are available in retail sizes, catering sized or delicatessen counter packs and come in a variety of sizes, weights and flavours.

Guernsey Dairy Smoked Cheese

Gold Medal, World Cheese Awards

Guernsey Dairy Mild Cheese

Bronze Medal, World Cheese Awards

Guernsey Dairy Mature Cheese


Guernsey Dairy Extra Mature Cheese

Bronze Medal, 2008 World Cheese Awards
Silver medal 2009 World Cheese Awards

Limited Edition Cheeses

Every Christmas, we produce a few speciality cheeses for the Christmas market which are perfect for gifts. In the past we've made garlic, thyme and chilli flavours.


We skim off the creamiest part of our milk to make our award winning cheeses

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