Welcome to the Guernsey Dairy

Guernsey Dairy Cartons

Here you can learn about our genuine Guernsey Dairy products, as well as the history of the world famous Guernsey cow breed, our local Dairy, and the environment that results in our cows producing such wonderful rich creamy milk, cream, butter and ice-cream, not to mention our award-winning cheeses!

Our environment is important to us, so we are keen to ensure that our milk cartons are recycled through the wash and squash initiative. The details of this scheme can be found on www.washandsquash.co.uk.

We also want to make sure that younger members of our community can embrace part of their local heritage and learn about their Island’s tradition of dairy farming.  We have included some pages especially for young visitors including simple recipes to try, and some fun ways to re-use milk cartons.

Browse at your leisure and find out why Guernsey people are entitled to feel proud of the island's dairy industry and the contribution it makes to the community.